Licensing Starter Kit by House of Royalties

Licensing Starter Kit

Free resources to get your licensing journey started.

Start Licensing With The Right Tools

Licensing Starter Kit is a FREE collection of templates, downloads and resources to help you start your licensing career off right!

  • Licensee Contact List (Google Spreadsheet Template)
  • Licensing Roadmap (Trello Board Template)
  • Sell Sheet Checklist (PDF Download)
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What's included?

Licensee Contact Spreadsheet Template

Download a FREE spreadsheet that’ll help you create a go-to list of potential licensees to contact.

Licensing Trello Roadmap

A customizable Trello board that will walk you through the licensing process step by step.

Sell Sheet Checklist

Use this checklist to create your own Sell Sheet that Sells, and in no time you'll have customized sheets you can send out to companies.

Sell Sheet Starter Template

A FREE Photoshop starter template to get your idea on a sell sheet quickly.

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