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Private Coaching With Sef

Book a one-on-one coaching session with Sef to learn what specific strategy to implement to successfully license your product.

Get Your Ideas Licensed With Expert Coaching

Did you catch a bad case of "analysis by paralysis" and have found yourself completely stuck, not knowing what to do next? Are you looking to license your product, but don't know where to start? 

Good news is that I'm more than happy to help you get out of that mental trap and get you unstuck by offering a private one-on-one coaching session with me — a product developer that's done it and is excited to help others do it as well! 

Over the years, I've found myself educating and fascinating people I come into contact with throughout my daily life about how it's possible to license, or "rent", ideas to companies and get paid for them in royalties. I want to do the same, but on a bigger scale by leveraging the reaching power of the internet.

When you book a session, you'll be receiving your very own one-on-one coaching session Sef —  a product developer and "creative-preneur" looking to educate others on how they can do the same. 

Being able to work with you and discussing where you are at with your get your ideas during our session will provide me more context about what specific problems we can solve and the map out the goals you're hoping to achieve.

Discussion topics can include:

  • Sell Sheet Critique
  • Sell Sheet Video Feedback 
  • Idea Generation
  • Specific Product Licensing Strategy
  • Growing your Licensing Business 
  • License Agreement Review
  • Negotiation a Win-Win Licensing Deal
  • Contacting Potential Licensees
  • Roadmap with Actionable Items
  • Accountability & Following-up
  • Working with Designers
  • Creating a Hit List of Companies
  • And more...

Free Bonuses:

  • Our video call will be recorded for you to keep as reference
  • I'll send you resources, downloads, and documents relevant to topics of our session
  • Refer 3 coaching clients and receive a FREE session


Who is this private coaching best for?

Sef works with product developers looking to license their product ideas. 

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to licensing or a seasoned licensor, you'll be leaving the session with actionable info to get closer to a licensing deal.

How do I book a coaching session?

To book a private coaching session, click the button at the bottom of the page you'll receive access to the link to the appointment scheduling page. 

Once booked, you'll receive email reminders and more information about our booked session.

What will my coaching session include?

Each session includes:
  • A questionnaire for you to fill out prior to your session so that Sef can get a better insight on providing the best possible solutions for very specific problems you may have.
  • 1 hour video conversation on Zoom with Sef about any licensing questions or topics.
  • A video recording of our  conversation for you to keep as reference.

Will I be talking with Sef personally?

Yes! You'll be having your private coaching session with Sef directly and not some random Joe-schmo.

Do you offer private coaching sessions for those outside of the US?

Absolutely! If you're available to chat within the PST time zone hours, great! If the time slots on the booking appointment page is inconvenient, send me an email and we'll find a timeslot that works for you together. 

Can you guarantee success?

Here's the truth: there are no absolute guarantees of success, such as in life. My honest answer is this: It depends on how much work you put into it and having the grit & resilience to keep on going. What I can promise you is that I will pour as much energy, knowledge, and guidance I have to help get your product in front of the right company to get it licensed.

Have more questions?

Email them to me at

Make the next big idea, your idea.

This one-on-one private coaching session and is designed for brand new and seasoned product developers looking to leverage the power of licensing to get your ideas out from your head out in the stores.  Each session consist of a private video meeting and will be based on your questions and the topics would like me cover using Zoom, a video conference program.

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