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Product Licensing Mastery

L E A R N  T O  B R I N G  Y O U R   I D E A   T O  M A R K E T   T H E   S M A R T   W A Y

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You’ve got a killer product idea...

Now what? 

There are really two options for turning your idea into a product for sale on a store’s shelf.

1. Create a start-up (AKA venturing) This is making it happen all on your own. And as you probably know, this way is fraught with high risk and lots of failure. Sure, you may strike it big. But the truth is that most start-ups fail, or at least they don’t see a profit for many, many years.

2. Rent your idea (AKA licensing). This is when you find a company with the resources to bring your idea to life for you. They do all the manufacturing, marketing and selling. All you have to do is collect the royalty checks.

As you’ve probably already guessed, I prefer option 2. Licensing gives me the freedom to do what I love – coming up with great ideas – and leaves the tedious stuff to someone better equipped to tackle that challenge. Not to mention that it’s also the fastest and most efficient way to get your product into market.

The licensing world can seem a little intimidating at first, but once you know the ins and outs, it’s really simple. That’s where I come in. I’ll show you how to license an idea so you can make money while you sleep. Literally.

You’ve probably got a lot of questions. 

“How do I find companies that’ll be receptive to hearing from a stranger like me?”
“Who is the key person I need to get my ideas in front of?”
“How do I protect my idea?”

I’m here to answer all these questions and a whole lot more. 

In this Product Licensing Mastery Course, you’ll learn how to properly license a product and have fun while doing it. I’ll take you through all the steps you need to know with high-quality videos and real-life examples all along the way.

So what do you think? Are you ready to start licensing your ideas and collecting royalty checks? 

I thought so.

A little more about the person behind the!

Hi, I’m Sef. I’m a product developer who has successfully licensed my ideas to many companies. And it’s so awesome that now I’m helping others learn how to do the same.

Part Product Developer. All Daydreamer.

I’ve been developing product ideas since 2014, starting in the novelty industry. After just a few months, I licensed the mini-backscratcher to Kikkerland. 

I moved on to the sports industry, focusing on merchandising. This time, I told an idea to some of the big guys – NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA.

At that point, I started documenting my process and sharing licensing tips and tricks YouTube on my channel House of Royalties. Through that channel, I began to connect with all kinds of dreamers just like myself who were looking for ways to bring their own product ideas to market.

This all led me to creating the very course you’re reading about today. The Product Licensing Mastery Course is designed to help aspiring product developers bring their ideas to life just like I did. I’m spilling all my secrets for your benefit.

Product Licensing Mastery shows you how to get into the product licensing game but it also includes support, a proven step-by-step plan, and access to a whole community of like-minded product developers.

All about the course

Tons of content
With 10 stages, over 50 videos, and 6 hours of total content, you’re going to want to spend time taking it all in and learning how to translate the ideas in your head into products on shelves.

Easy-to-follow steps
Learn to go from idea scribbled on a napkin to a fully-baked sell sheet to take to a potential licensee.

Bonus resources
The course includes bonuses like a downloadable guide and special product licensing webinars to keep the ideas flowing.

Tap into a community
Your enrollment in the course grants you access to our exclusive Facebook community group where aspiring product developers like you get together to chat strategy and share stories.

Open studio hours
In your first month of membership, you’ll get the opportunity to interface with me directly to ask questions and run through concepts with me.

A sneak preview of what you’ll learn

In 10 step-by-step stages, you’ll learn: 

The why and how of licensing
Learn a deeper perspective on why and how licensing is the best way to get your ideas into market – from a clearer understanding of what guides your thinking to why launching ideas with minimal risk is a great plan.

How to generate ideas
Learn key creative thinking tips to help you become a more prolific creative thinker. More ideas = more potential royalty checks.

Finding the right people
Learn to find and contact the right people within a company who will be receptive to your great ideas.

Create a killer sell sheet
Learn how to effectively communicate your idea and persuade potential licensees with a sell sheet – essentially a print ad about your product.

Who should take this course?

Product Licensing Mastery is designed for aspiring product developers who want to license their ideas to companies for profit. 

You’ve got great ideas that are just sitting there. It’s time to take them off your brain shelf and onto a real shelf. That’s what product licensing can do. A passive income that’s always bringing you money through royalties is not exactly a rotten deal. Trust me on this.

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