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Product Licensing Mastery

A step-by-step course on how to license product ideas to companies & get paid for them in royalties. Sign-up below to get notified on when the course launches:

Learn to License Your Ideas the Smart Way

So you've thought of a brilliant product idea? Now what? 
Well, there’s two options to bringing your idea out into the store shelves:

Venturing (aka “start-up”) on your own
License (aka "rent") it to a company that have the money and resources to manufacture, market, sell etc. for you, while you sit back & collect royalty checks.

Personally, I prefer the latter — kicking back and coming up with more ideas to license and grow my royalty checks sounds like the smarter way to me. Licensing your invention idea is one of the quickest and efficient way to successfully launching your product to market.

The fascinating part is that every time your product is sold, you make money…even while in your sleep. Sounds like the good life, right? Yet, you may feel that the process of navigating through the licensing industry can feel intimidating and complex.  

Do you constantly find yourself asking: "How do I find companies that are 'inventor-friendly'? Who is the key contact within the company to send my idea too? What do I need to create for my product idea to send to companies? How do I protect my idea with a patent?"

I'm here to guide you through any licensing confusion you may have — to not only learn how to properly license your ideas to companies, but to make sure you have fun doing it too!

In my Product Licensing Mastery course, I'll be walking you step-by-step through the entire process of licensing your brilliant product idea. Inside this masterclass are high-quality, value-packed, and actionable videos that’s easy to understand while showcasing examples along the way. You'll have your ideas coming out of your head to it being in front of a potential licensee in no time.

Start licensing your ideas and begin collecting those royalty checks!

Hey there, I'm Sef!

My name is Sef Chang and I'm a product developer that have successfully licensed my own product ideas. Here's how I can help you license yours!

Part Product Developer. All Daydreamer.

I've been developing product ideas to license since September 2014. First starting with the novelty industry.
Then, a few months after, I licensed my first idea, the Mini-backscratcher to Kikkerland, but I didn’t stop there.

After a few more attempts in novelty industry, I moved into the sports team merchandising industry to come with product ideas there. Then soon after that, got another one of my ideas licensed, but this time for teams in the big leagues like NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA!

It was then, I decided to document my process and share my licensing findings in my YouTube channel: House of Royalties (formerly known as "MFSEF STUDIO"). Throughout the journey of creating content for the channel, I began to connect with other like-minded product developers that’s passionate about licensing as I am.

During the conceptualizing of an idea to contacting a potential licensee to negotiating a licensing deal, I've learned a lot about the tactics that works and what does not. In the last few years, I have applied and shared my learning moments with hundreds of product developers online looking to bring their ideas to market. 

That’s why I created the Product Licensing Mastery, to enrich aspiring product developers looking to license their ideas and apply the learnings from my wins (and losses), and most importantly, bring your own ideas to life and collecting royalties on them.

Product Licensing Mastery sets you up with success to start successfully licensing your ideas, that also includes support, a validated step-by-step plan that works, and access to an exclusive community of other product developers passionate about licensing and wanting to grow with you.

About This Course

Product Licensing Mastery is created for the aspiring product developers that’s looking to license ideas. If you’re just getting into licensing and looking for guidance each step of the way, then this course is designed for you.

  • Follow along & take things at your own pace. There are 10 overall stages with 50+ videos (that’s over six hours total!), transforming the ideas in your head out onto the store shelves. 
  • Easy-to-digest steps to take action on, how to take your idea from a napkin sketch to a fully-embellished sell sheet to in front of a potential licensee.
  • Resources to keep your ideas moving along, which includes bonuses like a downloadable guide and a special webinars on licensing ideas.
  • Receive instant access to a private Facebook community to have conversations around licensing projects, coursework and trade tips with your fellow product developing peers.
  • Open Studio hours with Sef throughout the 1st month of joining to give you opportunities to ask questions and get insights about licensing.

What You'll Learn

In these 10 step-by-step stages, you’ll learn all about:

  • The how & why of licensing: Gaining a deeper perspective on how and why licensing is the best path to bringing your ideas in front of customers — from having a clear understating of what motivates your thinking to create innovative ideas and launching them in a minimum risk, maximum reward fashion.
  • Mastering the art of generating ideas: I'll be teaching you a set of creative thinking strategies to generate new product ideas to license more and more ideas to collect more and more royalty checks.
  • Finding companies that accepts outside idea submissions: I’ll go over all my tactics on how to find and contact the key contacts within companies that embraces open innovation to send ideas to.
  • How to create a sell sheet for you idea that’ll get a “YES!”: Learn how to effectively communicate and persuade potential licensees on bringing your idea on to their product line using a kick-ass sell sheet — aka a “print ad” of your product idea.

Who Is This Course Is For?

Product Licensing Mastery is designed for future product developers looking to license their ideas to companies and get paid for them in royalties.

You’re always coming with new, innovative product ideas that you know will benefit peoples’ lives. Your idea has been sitting in your back pocket, and now, you’re going to bring it to reality.  You're not only wanting to bring your ideas to life — you’re also looking to generating passive income by collecting royalty checks.

I’m ecstatic to be part of your licensing journey throughout my Product Licensing Mastery.

What's included

Video Icon 1 video File Icon 1 file Text Icon 70 text files

Course Syllabus

👋 Welcome, Future Licensors!
Hello! Start Here
Who is Sef?
Sef's Successes & How To Replicate It
Introduce Yourself
📓 Basics of Licensing
Lesson 1: What Is Licensing?
Lesson 2: License vs. Start-Up
Lesson 3: The Era of Open Innovation
1 min
Lesson 4: Inventor vs. Product Developer
Lesson 5: Dreamlining (Setting Goals)
Lesson 6: Proper Mindset & Setting Expectations
🎯 Module 1: Pick an Open Innovative Industry
Lesson 1: Section Introduction
Lesson 2: Scalability Factor
Lesson 3: Industries that are “Inventor-Friendly”
Lesson 4: Industries that are NOT “Inventor-Friendly”
🛰 Module 2: Find Open Innovative Companies
Lesson 1: Section Introduction
Lesson 2: What To Look For
Lesson 3: Capturing Information (Spreadsheet Included)
Lesson 4: Contacting Companies & Best Practices
Lesson 5: Calling Companies (Phone Script Included)
Lesson 6: Emailing companies (Email Script Included)
Lesson 7: Contacting Through Social Media (Script Included)
⚡️ Module 3: Generate New Product Ideas
Lesson 1: Section Introduction
Lesson 2: What is an idea?
Lesson 3: Create a Product Brief
Lesson 4: Concepting Tools & Techniques
Lesson 5: Filtering Ideas (Yes, No, Maybe)
🔎 Module 4: Research the Market
Lesson 1: Section Introduction
Lesson 2: What To Look For
Lesson 3: Potential Licensee Hit List
Lesson 4: Online Research
Lesson 5: Patent Search
Lesson 6: In-Person Research
🎨 Module 5: Develop Your Product Idea
Lesson 1: Section Introduction
Lesson 2: What is a Sell Sheet?
Lesson 3: Anatomy of a Sell Sheet That Sells
Lesson 4: Sell Sheet Copywriting
Lesson 5: Creating a Prototype (optional)
Lesson 6: Creating a Sell Sheet Video (optional)
Lesson 7: Outsourcing Your Sell Sheet
Sell Sheet Examples
195 KB
🗂 Module 6: File a P.P.A. (Provisional Patent Application)
Lesson 1: Section Introduction
Lesson 2: What is a P.P.A.?
Lesson 3: Patent vs. Patent Pending
Lesson 4: How to file a P.P.A.
Lesson 5: Renewing a P.P.A.
Lesson 6: Outsourcing a P.P.A.
📤 Module 7: Send Sell Sheet to Companies
Lesson 1: Section Introduction
Lesson 2: Reach Out to Companies
Lesson 3: Follow-up With Companies
🔥 Module 8: Negotiate a Win-Win Deal
Lesson 1: Section Introduction
Lesson 2: Best Practices When Negotiating
Lesson 3: Anatomy of a Win-Win Deal
Lesson 4: Adding Minimum Guarantees
Lesson 5: Consult With an IP Attorney
Lesson 6: Sign the Licensing Agreement!
🎉 Module 9: You Successfully Licensed Your Idea! Now What?
Lesson 1: Section Introduction
Lesson 2: Follow-Up With Your Licensee
Lesson 3: Collect Royalty Checks
Lesson 4: Policing Your Licensed Ideas
Lesson 5: Begin Working On New Ideas
🎁 Module 10: Bonus Material
You’re Just One "No" Away…
Building Rapport With Companies
Play The Long Game
LLC vs. Sole Proprietorship For Your Licensing Business
🛠 Tools & Resources
Product Licensing Roadmap
Product Licensing Checklist
Licensing Finances
Phone Scripts
Email Scripts
Tools of the Trade
Licensing Vocabulary & Language
Sell Sheet Checklist

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House of Royalties

Hey 👋 I'm Sef, a product developer in the business of turning great ideas into great products, one licensing deal at a time. This is where I keep track of my product licensing process and provide helpful resources & training so you can learn to license your own ideas too in no time.


How long does this course take to complete?

Expect to take approximately one to two months to complete the course. There are more than 50+ videos (and still growing - with over over six hours of juicy video content.) Most of the videos are 5–10 minutes long.

What do I do if I need help?

If you have a question or concern, you can email me at:

What equipment will I need to get through this course?

All you need is a computer to get started. I’ll walk you through the options for tools, digital programs, and image/video editing software.

How long will I have access to this course?

This course is lifetime access, so that means you’ll have access to it forever!

What’s the return policy on this course?

No worries! There’s a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the course for whatever reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment within 30 days. (Notification must be sent within the first 30 days of the course. No exceptions.)

Will this course be updated?

Yes, this course will be continue to be updated periodically and everybody that buys will have access to the updates forever!